Professional Care

PhysioActive provides professional care to our patients with the ultimate goal of returning a patient back to optimal health as quickly as possible through a comprehensive treatment plan. While the treatment plan may differ for each patient depending on the injury, one constant will always be applied – our Physiotherapists will educate you on your condition & explain the purpose of your treatment plan.

We believe it is important for a patient to understand their injury and what they can do to recover from it.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy may include joint mobilizations, which is a hands-on treatment used to help a “stiff” joint regain its normal range of motion. Massage and other soft tissue work is also considered manual therapy.

Exercise Prescription

In many cases, exercises are required to correct a muscle imbalance, strengthen an injured muscle, or prevent re-injury. Our therapists will provide you with a complete exercise program to help you get back to the activities you love.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Whether recovering from a hip or knee replacement, a tendon repair of the shoulder, or various other surgeries, we can help you recover from your surgery with the guidance of your surgeon.


K-Taping can be used to help support joints, increase or decrease tension on a muscle, and is also used to help treat lymphedema.

Dry Needling

Dry needling can be combined with various other physiotherapy treatments to help improve range of motion, reduce pain and restore overall function. Dry needling involves a thin needle that stimulates underlying myofascial trigger points and muscular and connective tissues. 



Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle treatment that is effective for headaches, neck pain, and concussion symptoms. The treatment essentially involves applying the hands in a specific position on the head with the intention of improving the movement of soft tissues and fluid which may be affecting headaches and neck pain. Most patients find the treatment very relaxing and the effects can be quite profound.


Ultrasound consists of high frequency sound waves and is used most often to help optimize healing of a tendon or ligament, such as in an ankle sprain. Ultrasound can also have a heating effect on the body’s tissues when desired.


Acupuncture can be a valuable addition to your physiotherapy treatment plan. It can be very effective in treating a variety of painful disorders by stimulating the body’s natural healing process and reducing inflammation.

Interferential Current or TENS

Interferential Current (IFC) involves the use of medium frequency electrical currents that are applied to body’s tissues to help decrease pain and help increase circulation. TENS works in a similar manner, but does not provide the same circulation effects. Typically, a patient will feel a light tingling sensation while receiving this type of treatment.


Cupping is a technique that involves creating suction which allows the skin and subcutaneous superficial fascia to be drawn up into the cup.  Where most manual techniques involve tissue compression, cupping involves suction which allows it to loosen adhesions, soften tight muscles, drain excess fluids and toxins and increase blood flow and circulation.

Concussion Care

PhysioActive is a Complete Concussion Management™ Certified Clinic. We offer the most comprehensive baseline (pre-season) testing in the industry as well as the best care available for post-concussion treatments for athletes and non-athletes alike. To learn more, click here.

Professionally Qualified

All PhysioActive Physiotherapists are registered with the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia and have completed Bachelor’s and/or Master’s Degrees in Physiotherapy.

A Doctor’s referral is not required to see a Physiotherapist in Canada.

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