Lisa Nickerson

Massage Therapist

Lisa grew up in Port Coquitlam, spending her summers here in Kelowna with her family. Her draw to massage came at a young age when one could find her massaging anyone who wanted one and even some who didn’t! Usually it was her sister or swimmers in her team tent (and even other teams tents) between races. She’s been involved in many sports other than swimming including waterpolo, soccer, volleyball and ultimate frisbee to name a few. Her involvement in sports and subsequently sports injuries gives her a large body of knowledge to draw from for massage and care. Lisa is also experienced in postural imbalances, relaxation and maternity massage.

In her off time Lisa likes to stay active and enjoy the Okanagan by longboarding, hiking, playing disc golf and participating in various other sports. She also loves playing with her two ferrets Jericho and Jezebelle who like to help her paint pictures when they are in the mood.


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