The snow is here, the weekend is nice, the sun is shining and the kids are itching to do something fun. So what do you do? Build a snowman of course! Building a snowman with your kids is exciting and a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

First off, ensure your snow is adequate for snowman building. The snow should be slightly moist, and should pack well. To test, try making a snowball and throwing it at your wife/husband/brother or sister. If you’re able to hit your target and the snowball stays tightly packed, your snow should make a great snowman! If the snow stays tightly packed but you miss your target; try, try again. If the snow is still a little too powdery, try covering it with a light mist of water from a water hose. Ideally, you will have at least four inches of snow to work with to help prevent mud and grass from rolling up into Frosty’s torso.

Start making the base by rolling a large snowball in your hand. Once it is too big to work with in your hand, begin rolling it on the ground. Ensure you roll it in multiple directions to avoid giving Frosty a cylinder shape instead of a nice round sphere. When finished with the first ball, place it in a location that is mostly out of the sun to help give Frosty more time on this earth.

Do the same for the second and third balls, each one obviously being progressively smaller; unless you want to build a Frosty doing a handstand, which would be cool! Before placing the second ball on the first, flatten out the joining sides to add stability to Frosty. A strong “core” is important, as we know. Pack snow around the joint lines to further improve stability.

Now that you have the basis of your snowman built, it’s time to get creative. Carrots, branches and buttons all make good add-ons, but try to think outside the box. Perhaps a snowman on skis wearing a ski helmet (safety first!) or maybe a snowman doing “abominable” crunches or the plank (again, the core is important!).

Most of all, get outside with the family and enjoy the season!

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